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Innovative Community Out Reach Programs: ISDM designs and executes innovative community outreach programs with an emphasis on engaging indigenous populations in order to promote sustainable development within their communities, resulting in enhanced client security.

Extreme and High Threat Area Construction and Project Management: In many instances it is not prudent or feasible for a client company to send their management to an extreme hostile area. ISDM can provide a dynamic leader accustomed to managing time, personnel and money in dangerous complex environment that will act in the client's stead until a client manager can safely arrive in the area.

Client Company Start Up Operations in Extreme and High Threat Areas: It is critical in a start up operation in high or extreme threat environments that correct infrastructure, partners, and operating locations are selected the first time. ISDM can provide the qualified experts to assist the client with these complex fast moving operations.

Transportation, Human Resources and Logistical Service Management in Extreme and High Threat Areas: Transportation, Human Resource functions and Logistics are challenging to manage under ideal circumstances. In the case of operating in extreme and high threat areas, ISDM can provide the needed expertise in order to ensure seamless secure client operations.